Historic Food Range

Alan Coxon’s historic food range has been recreated from centuries past, and is available to purchase here and from top stores around the globe.

The food range comprises four unique products, which are stored in bottles created and designed by Alan Coxon to look good in any kitchen or home. Alan’s aim is to bring a taste of the past to the kitchens of the present and to offer a sense of history to our modern dining.

These foods are sumptuous reproductions of the flavours and ingredients that once adorned the tables of Ancient Greek temples, mighty Roman emperors and medieval knights. They are prepared from traditional and natural production methods, acidulated over oak barrels, with only the finest quality natural ingredients.

Each period product holds unique combinations of flavours that will enhance modern cooking and make for compelling discussions at the table or around the barbeque:

Ale-gar©®: a dark sweet vinegar with a strong malt taste; the acid at five per cent is comparable to a young balsamic that averages at six per cent. When the vinegar reduces it becomes a delightful sticky syrup that napes food nicely, giving a sweet-singed cinnamon toffee apple taste. Used as a marinade for meat before roasting, it gives an excellent dark colour to accompany the taste. The slight acidity removes the fat, leaving a lovely crisp skin on duck and goose.

Roman Vinaigre©®: a golden Vinaigre with undertones of aromatic spices, such as sweet black cardamom, anis or tarragon; then a secondary dry honey flavour comes through like lavender-fed honey. These flavours are light, so to use them as a marinade for meat will be perfect; however, light-flavoured pork will work well and, for the traditionalists, veal is equally good.

Ancient Greek Vinaigre©®: subtle tastes of hard dry herbs: bay, thyme and lime leaf. It has a light blush colour; the flavours blend perfectly with fish without overpowering and there is just enough acidity to work with oily fish. Mackerel would be the traditional option, but salmon has lighter flavours to complement the Vinaigre taste.

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