Pt.2 – Punjab, Amritsar, Goa & Bombay


Foods and influences of the Punjab and Amritsar, Goa and Bombay

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As the series builds, this second book in the culinary travelogue series focusses on the Goa and Bombay.

Presented in a slightly different format to the first book, this has allowed us to include the first book in the series as a bonus. So, this part of the ‘From Birmingham to Bombay’ culinary travelogue series focusses on the Punjab and Amritsar, Goa and Bombay.

World-renowned chef, writer and TV presenter, Alan Coxon, takes us behind the scenes with stories and delicious recipes from these different areas of India.

Alan visits the Golden Temple and sees how 40,000 chapattis are produced every day by volunteers. He goes behind the tandoori and looks at herbs and spices, such as cardamom, mustard and ginger are used extensively throughout the region. He experiences Goa, renowned for sun, sand and sea some 765km away from Bombay and it’s complete contrasts.

Recipes from the book include Paneer Tikka Kalimirch, Kandhari Barwaan Khumb, Green Fish Curry, Tandoori Murgh and Chooza Makhni, Vindaloo, Goa Fish Curry, Lamb Kolhapuri and Macchi Tawa Fry.

The book also contains many interesting insights and facts about Indian foods, the regions spices and a brief glossary of Indian ingredients.

Sanjeev Kapoor has kindly written the foreword to each of the books in the series. Known throughout the world and being one of India’s best known and respected celebrity chefs, this is a great endorsement for Alan’s knowledge and recipe authenticity.

If you enjoy the foods of India, travel, curries and especially tandoori and vindaloo then this is a book that won’t disappoint.

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